After serving in a leadership and equipping role as a professional minister of music from 1997 - 2012, Dave LeMieux felt the call to move onto the front lines into areas of society not typically served by the ministry of music.  In so doing, he re-learned the importance of narrative, plot-curve, and story form as effective means of communication.  "Once upon a time" became the foundational building block for new songs, theatrical presentations, a symphonic Christmas presentation, and worship workshop materials.  As the world-traveling Executive Director of More Than Music Incorporated, Dave has been invited to Russia by the US State Department, Ethiopia by the Mekane Jesus School of Jazz, United Arab Emirates by the National Symphony Orchestra, and multiple other countries including Thailand, India, Nepal, and Uganda.  In addition, he has visited countless schools in the US (including Bill Gates's alma mater and President Obama's daughter's school)  as a performer and co-writer of At the Table with Dr. King.  

During his return to church music as a sought-after itinerate worship leader in 2014, Dave introduced a heavily storied "blue gospel" style as a welcomed alternative to the Christian top-40 sound.  Shortly after, ScoreTheStory.com was developed as a resource for those who desire to be more effective in their handling of the Christian story.



But how could you live and have no story to tell?
— Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Old Music Score


Novelists use narrative to hold our interest.  Hollywood uses plot-curve to entertain, surprise, and delight.  Jesus used stories to expose hidden truths.  The global church has come to expect in their gatherings "sing-a-long and lecture" rather than a continuation of engaging story-telling.  ScoreTheStory.com exists to challenge worship leaders and pastors to explore more deeply and intentionally the elements of story as a means of exposing more of God's character to those who are seeking to know Him more.

What to Expect

ScoreTheStory.com will contain 1) ongoing conversations via blog, sparked by worship workshops around the world, 2) non-top-40 church music (sheets & MP3s) for purchase/download, 3) shorts stories for purchase/download, 4) booking information for Dave LeMieux as clinician, worship leader